Plan and Invest in Your Future

When it comes to planning and investing for your future (or that of your loved ones), turn to the Trust & Investment Services team at Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust.

Our gifted advisers have a combined 130 years of industry experience building, managing, preserving, and transitioning wealth. They will give you sound advice on investments and make sure that your assets are transferred to the people and organizations you cherish - all the while minimizing the impact of taxes on your estate and protecting your assets from unforeseen health, personal and business risks.

Let our Wealth Management team help you achieve the next chapter of your life. Download your free wealth management guide featuring a collection of stories about some of our clients. They're people just like you and once you hear their stories, we think you'll see why a solid wealth management adviser is important. Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust can show you how to turn your affluence into "winfluence."

Our Commitment to You

Because we're committed to excellence in meeting your financial goals, we focus on:

  • Prudence - Our investment decisions are guided by the Uniform Prudent Investor Act, which requires a thorough analysis of risk versus return. Performance is measured on the entire portfolio's performance, not on individual investments.
  • Risk Management - We understand risk comes in many forms. That's why we regularly assess risk factors that may affect your portfolio and then adjust accordingly. 
  • Loyalty - We build meaningful relationships with our clients by placing them first and delivering on our commitments.