Free 3x5 Safe Deposit Box

All personal checking and Vault Checking clients are eligible to receive a free 3x5 safe deposit box for the first year only.

Benefits to Having a Safe Deposit Box:

  • Your items are protected from theft and natural disasters at home
  • Hard-to-replace items are kept securely 
  • It's a cost effective way to keep your valuables safe
  • Your items are kept from being lost or misplaced 

10 Best Things to Store in a Safe Deposit Box:

  • Financial documents (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit)
  • Social security card
  • Personal records (birth, death, marriage, divorce certificate or adoption records)
  • Property records (deed, settlement, property survey)
  • Armed service records
  • Vehicle titles
  • Jewelry or rare collectibles 
  • Business/legal contracts
  • Citizenship/naturalization papers
  • Irreplaceable family photos or heirlooms
  • Do NOT store cash, the only copies of important documents, items you'll either need regular access to or need in an emergency 

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1 Receive free 3x5 safe deposit box or 3x5 discount on all other available sizes during first year only. All fees subject to state and local sales tax.A safe deposit box is not a deposit account. It is storage space provided by the bank, so the contents, including cash, checks or other valuables, are not insured by FDIC deposit insurance if damaged or stolen.

2 Vault Checking Annual Percentage Yield. Rate may change after the account is opened. APY accurate as of June 1, 2021, and is not an introductory rate. Opening deposit requirement of $100. APY is for balances up to $10,000. An interest rate of 2.96% will be paid only for that portion of your daily balance that is $10,000 or less. The APY for this tier will be 3.00%. An interest rate of .10% will be paid only for that portion of your daily balance that is greater than $10,000. The APY range for this tier will be 3.00% to 0.33%. Regardless of your balance, if you do not meet the requirements listed, the interest rate and APY will be 0.01%. Limit one Vault or MAXX acct per TIN. Valid email address required. A $5 statement fee will be assessed on all accounts that do not sign up for e-statements within 90 days of account opening. Fees may reduce earnings.