Thank you for choosing Payment Exchange!

All the benefits of a paper check in one fast, easy, low-cost digital solution.    

eChecks: $0.58 per Check
Print + Mail: $0.78 per Check
Postage: Pass Thru Bulk Postage Rate

Payment Exchange fees are charged on a per check basis & post to your account monthly.

These Additional Service Terms & Conditions amend the Treasury Management Services Agreement between Client and Bank for Business Online Banking clients. They set forth the terms and conditions for Bank to provide Payment Exchange Services. Those Accounts that Client accesses through the Service will also remain subject to Bank’s Account Agreement, which was provided to Client at deposit account-opening.

By completing the Online Enrollment, Client understands and agrees to the following:

1. Scope of Payment Exchange Services

The Service permits Client to electronically initiate check-based payments (“Payments”) from enrolled Accounts. Client may use the Service and make Payments via laptops or PCs.

2. Dedicated Website

Bank agrees to provide a hosted website through its Service Provider for electronic generation of checks, subject to these Additional Service Terms & Conditions. BANK MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR SUITABILITY OF THE DEDICATED WEBSITE.

3. Service Privileges

Client will designate Users to access the Service on behalf of Client. Each User may be assigned access privileges—transactional or inquiry only—for each enrolled Account. Client may add or delete Users or modify access privileges for Users at any time through the website.

4. User Terms & Conditions

In order to use the Service and generate Payments, each User will electronically accept the terms of the Service Provider’s User Terms & Conditions.

5. Payments

a) Client will have the option to send eChecks, send Print+Mail payments, void eChecks, view and export eCheck and Print+Mail remittance information, and review the status and history of eChecks and Print+Mail Payments originating from its Account, all as described in the User Terms & Conditions. There will be no upfront purchase of a range of checks required.  

b) Client will be able to have full, free-form remittance data sent to its recipients with Payments.

c) All Payments will clear through the Bank as if they were made by paper Checks and will post when presented to Bank for payment.  Payments will appear on Client’s Periodic Statements.

6. Fees

Client will pay fees associated with using the Service for each eCheck sent, each Print+Mail Payment and the costs of postage. Fees will be calculated at the time of the eCheck/Print+Mail submission and be paid in arears through Bank’s regular service fee calculation and settlement.