We at CRBT invest our time in caring about all of our clients needs - big or small. We know the importance of children learning about saving some dough at an early age and we're here to help start their journey! Joining the CRBT Dough Zone means joining the CRBT family. With the help of our mascot, Chip, we'll teach Dough Zone members how to save, reward them for reaching important milestones, and provide helpful money tips. We also think it's important to provide parents the resources needed to encourage a secure financial foundation. We offer two accounts for kids under 18:

Rookie Cookie Savings

Baby or Child's First Savings Account! Get $5 vouchers for your birthday and a card from all our friendly tellers! Keep checking our calendar to learn about fun activities.

Step Up Teen Checking

Designed to give teens 18 years & younger the tools they need to "step up" and become more financially savvy and independent. 

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