With Portfolio Account Link (PAL) Access, you can:

  • View your portfolio summary. The summary contains information on your portfolio composition, sources and uses of funds, portfolio values at the beginning of the month, current portfolio values and gain/loss amounts. 
  • Access detailed lists of transactions from the beginning of the month through the close of the previous business day. 
  • Review listings of all investments held including: investment name, number of shares, price, tax cost, market value, coupon rate, estimated annual income, current yield and net available cash. 


  • Easy: The User Guide provides step-by step instructions. All you need to do is click on "Help" to view the instructions. 
  • Timely: Information provided through PAL is updated on a daily basis and includes information regarding your account through the close of the previous business day. 
  • Secure: PAL utilizes a sophisticated array of firewalls and state-of-the-art encryption. Free: It's more than convenient; this service is free of charge. 

To enroll in Portfolio Account Link, contact our Trust Department at 319.862.2728 or click here to login to your account