Whether you plan to travel outside the state or outside the country this summer, debit card safety is important. So before you leave for a little R&R, we encourage you to follow these debit card tips to help ensure that you enjoy safe and stress-free travels, while minimizing your exposure to fraud.

Notify Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust When Traveling

This allows our fraud protection to monitor your card for any suspicious activity during your trip. If traveling abroad, we can also remove any debit card restrictions set in place on "high-risk" countries. We want to avoid any situation where you go to use your card and it doesn't work! 

Update Your Contact Information

It is essential to provide Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust with your current contact information so we can easily notify you if suspicious activity occurs while you are traveling.

Know Your Limits

Daily spending limits are set on both PIN- and signature-based debit card transactions. Call us to find out what your card limit is and prevent your card from being declined. 

Use Your PIN

Use PIN-based transactions if you run into issues with credit-based to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction. 

Carry Two Forms of Payment

Two forms of payment are important in case your card would get lost, stolen or damaged. 

Foreign Currency

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust has the expertise to help you travel with confidence knowing you're carrying enough cash to cover everything on your trip. Contact us at 319.862.2728 for convenient and secure options of ordering foreign currency.