Free online training tools available exclusively to our clients.

Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust has partnered with BVS, an industry leader in online training development software, to bring our clients a powerful online training program aimed to help protect you and your business from fraud. Registration for our online training courses is free and courses can be taken as often as needed, and at any time.

The first series of educational courses is designed to enhance your online security. Each course is estimated to take approximately 10 minutes. Three courses are currently available to you and your staff.  

Series One Courses

  • The Risk Background and Threat Landscape: This is the 1st session in a three part course for online security that is designed specifically for business users of online banking. The course explains how cyber-crime occurs and offers suggestions to help protect your company from organized syndicates of computer hackers.
  • Risk Management and Reduction: This is the 2nd session in the series that focuses on awareness by explaining the various tools and practices that can help mitigate the risks from potentially devastating effects of malware.
  • Managing a Negative Event: This is the 3rd session in the series that focuses on the chilling details of a typical cyber-attack on a business and suggested steps to managing an event.

If you have questions or need help getting registered, please contact: Pauline Herb, 319.743.7113 

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